sabha before and after

Before I started the Unlimited Personal Training membership with Stephen I had never even set foot inside a gym more than a few times and was extremely unhealthy (over 14 stones). Having no idea how to use any of the machines or even get started, I opted to start one to one sessions but quickly transitioned into UPT when I realised it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Stephen is hugely patient, encouraging, funny, doesn’t mind my constant complaining about how many burpees he makes me do or how long he makes me run on the air runner and still lets me into the gym, no matter how late I turn up to our sessions! I now weigh just under 11 stones and following Stephen’s training sessions and advice also means I am stronger, fitter and my climbing has got heaps better (have actually moved up a couple of levels). I have also recently started going out with the Run Club and now thanks to Michael and Cheryl, can run 3 miles without stopping which was a huge shock for me. Everyone at Abbey Mill is genuinely friendly – I actually enjoy going to the gym now and even come down here after I moved to the West End of Glasgow. I would highly recommend UPT with Stephen no matter what level you are at.

– Sabha