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Abbey Mill are entering a team in next years Tough Mudder 5k event. This will be a team event, we will all be taking part together. The current price of £45 is an early bird offer, it will rise next month. If you wish to enter, please make payment at the club.

at Abbey Mill Fitness Club, we’re not just concerned about helping you lose weight and inches, we also focus on getting you as fit as possible and now we have designed a system that allows you to truly track your fitness progress and let you compare your fitness with other club members. Simple and effective, no gimmicks, no extra cost.

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What is Unlimited Personal Training??

Our UPT membership allows you the benefits of Personal Training at a much lower cost. Some sessions are 1-2-1 and some are small groups (2-4). Sessions last approximately one hour and can be booked anytime weekdays from 6am-9pm and weekends 9am-5pm. Full nutritional advice is included along with access to our running group. MYZONE is an optional extra but a great fitness tool. So, if you need to lose weight, gain weight or want to train for a 10k, UPT could be for you, £99 per month, no contract, based at Abbey Mill Fitness Club, Paisley, Renfrewshire, please contact us for more information.

BlazePod is a whole new attitude towards exercise. It enhances your workouts by using visual cues and prompts you to challenge your speed and reaction times. … The problem with most exercises is that they’re predictable. BlazePod is here to shake things up, because monotony is an energy killer.

where are we drone

where are we drone

10 years old

10 years old10 years ago today we opened, in that time we’ve seen countless people change their lives for the better both physically and mentally. Some have achieved great things like meeting their target weight, lowering their blood pressure. Some have ran 10Ks, half and full marathons!! We plan to keep giving people the opportunity to change their lives ?️‍♂️??‍♂️?‍♀️???

tricia and norman myzone

tricia and norman myzone
Thanks to Stephen and MYZONE, Norman and I have really changed the way we look at fitness and exercise.

Four months ago we could never have even pictured us working out let alone pushing ourselves the way Myzone has allowed us to.

We were both overweight, very unfit and lazy where exercise was concerned, added to that Norman had suffered a broken back 10 years ago and has plates in it, so we really thought that us both exercising together was not an option but we were in a rut and knew we had to do something.

I had seen Stephen’s advert for his Unlimited Personal Training membership at AbbeyMill Fitness Club and we both decided to go and discuss our options with him. He immediately put us at ease and started us on an exercise programme suited to our needs.

He explained the benefits of MYZONE to us, stating that we could push ourselves as much or as little as we could with what Norman’s back would allow. He was so right.

Stephen and MYZONE have allowed us to be completely in control of our workouts, gradually increasing our capabilities and letting Norman slowly and surely build up his muscle wastage, monitoring it every step of the way, so much so that you would never know he had ever broken his back.

The MYZONE tile tells you how much you have burned off calorie wise and effort wise allowing you to work out what you need to burn if weight loss is your goal. We have both lost a significant amount of weight and our fitness level is very satisfactory.

MYZONE also allows you to have friendly competition with fellow club members or international challenges, that really is a booster and a lot of fun.

We find that MYZONE encourages us and pushes our limits to where we never would have considered going. It really is a life changer and highly recommended.

sabha before and after

sabha before and after

Before I started the Unlimited Personal Training membership with Stephen I had never even set foot inside a gym more than a few times and was extremely unhealthy (over 14 stones). Having no idea how to use any of the machines or even get started, I opted to start one to one sessions but quickly transitioned into UPT when I realised it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Stephen is hugely patient, encouraging, funny, doesn’t mind my constant complaining about how many burpees he makes me do or how long he makes me run on the air runner and still lets me into the gym, no matter how late I turn up to our sessions! I now weigh just under 11 stones and following Stephen’s training sessions and advice also means I am stronger, fitter and my climbing has got heaps better (have actually moved up a couple of levels). I have also recently started going out with the Run Club and now thanks to Michael and Cheryl, can run 3 miles without stopping which was a huge shock for me. Everyone at Abbey Mill is genuinely friendly – I actually enjoy going to the gym now and even come down here after I moved to the West End of Glasgow. I would highly recommend UPT with Stephen no matter what level you are at.

– Sabha

international myzone health club challenge 2019

international myzone health club challenge 2019Another International Challenge, 19 clubs already in (us, 4 English clubs and 1 from Ireland, 10 from the USA and 2 from Australia and 1 from New Zealand), we won the last one, let’s win this one!! ? If you want to join in the fun then a MYZONE can be purchased at the club for a one off payment of £99

debbie before and after
debbie before and after

I needed to lose the 5 stone I’d gained over the last 8 yrs but as I get older (too close to 50) I realise it’s not important getting back to size 10 but being healthy, fitter and stronger so that was my aim. The yearly yo-yo cycle and excuses (my excuses were good honest!) had to stop and even though I was so busy – like we all are – it was priority to make 1hr in the day for myself.

I would highly recommend UPT with Stephen. Timing is flexible, sessions are varied, can be 1-1 or 4 or 5 others. It’s good to mix it up and train with other members who have now become friends. The introduction of Myzone has taken it up a level, absolutely loving the competition and the banter that comes with it. If I’d taken Stephen’s diet advice I’d be at my target already but I’m still slightly addicted to carbs ? so just over 4 stone gone.

Stephen kept asking me to try Run club. “No” I said “I can’t run”. 6 months later I ran Edinburgh half marathon and looking forward to Glasgow half. I could never in a million yrs have done it without the support and encouragement of Michael and the folks in run club. This is a brilliant wee group of people. It helps so much when you actually want to keep going to blether and catch up … took me a while to run and talk though ? I’m actually so proud of myself now I can say I’m a runner, words I never thought I’d say. Not many 17yr olds can say they go out running with their mothers but my daughter can and I’m so chuffed about that????

By far the best decision I’ve made in a long time was joining Abbey Mill and Unlimited Personal Training. My only regret was not joining sooner!