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What is Unlimited Personal Training??

Our UPT membership allows you the benefits of Personal Training at a much lower cost. Some sessions are 1-2-1 and some are small groups (2-4). Sessions last approximately one hour and can be booked anytime weekdays from 6am-9pm and weekends 9am-5pm. Full nutritional advice is included along with access to our running group. MYZONE is an optional extra but a great fitness tool. So, if you need to lose weight, gain weight or want to train for a 10k, UPT could be for you, £99 per month, no contract, based at Abbey Mill Fitness Club, Paisley, Renfrewshire, please contact us for more information.

HIIT 5-30am

HIIT 5-30am

H.I.I.T. sessions are short but intense workouts which have been proven to be more beneficial than typical 45-60 minute sessions as they help maintain muscle mass and burn lots of calories during and after as your metabolism is high. Sessions now available every morning, limited to 6 per session, weekdays 5:30am and weekends 8:30am, free parking and shower/changing facilities on site; £10 per session, payment must be made in advance. Please note: the club still opens to regular members at 6am weekdays and 9am weekends.

sabha before and after

sabha before and after

Before I started the Unlimited Personal Training membership with Stephen I had never even set foot inside a gym more than a few times and was extremely unhealthy (over 14 stones). Having no idea how to use any of the machines or even get started, I opted to start one to one sessions but quickly transitioned into UPT when I realised it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Stephen is hugely patient, encouraging, funny, doesn’t mind my constant complaining about how many burpees he makes me do or how long he makes me run on the air runner and still lets me into the gym, no matter how late I turn up to our sessions! I now weigh just under 11 stones and following Stephen’s training sessions and advice also means I am stronger, fitter and my climbing has got heaps better (have actually moved up a couple of levels). I have also recently started going out with the Run Club and now thanks to Michael and Cheryl, can run 3 miles without stopping which was a huge shock for me. Everyone at Abbey Mill is genuinely friendly – I actually enjoy going to the gym now and even come down here after I moved to the West End of Glasgow. I would highly recommend UPT with Stephen no matter what level you are at.

– Sabha

debbie before and after
debbie before and after

I needed to lose the 5 stone I’d gained over the last 8 yrs but as I get older (too close to 50) I realise it’s not important getting back to size 10 but being healthy, fitter and stronger so that was my aim. The yearly yo-yo cycle and excuses (my excuses were good honest!) had to stop and even though I was so busy – like we all are – it was priority to make 1hr in the day for myself.

I would highly recommend UPT with Stephen. Timing is flexible, sessions are varied, can be 1-1 or 4 or 5 others. It’s good to mix it up and train with other members who have now become friends. The introduction of Myzone has taken it up a level, absolutely loving the competition and the banter that comes with it. If I’d taken Stephen’s diet advice I’d be at my target already but I’m still slightly addicted to carbs 😆 so just over 4 stone gone.

Stephen kept asking me to try Run club. “No” I said “I can’t run”. 6 months later I ran Edinburgh half marathon and looking forward to Glasgow half. I could never in a million yrs have done it without the support and encouragement of Michael and the folks in run club. This is a brilliant wee group of people. It helps so much when you actually want to keep going to blether and catch up … took me a while to run and talk though 😂 I’m actually so proud of myself now I can say I’m a runner, words I never thought I’d say. Not many 17yr olds can say they go out running with their mothers but my daughter can and I’m so chuffed about that💪🏻👏🏻

By far the best decision I’ve made in a long time was joining Abbey Mill and Unlimited Personal Training. My only regret was not joining sooner!

bryan before and after testimonial

bryan before and after testimonial

I knew I wanted to commit to get fit but I also know I have little motivation to drive myself to get results alone. I thought I would try Personal Training with Stephen on an initial week by week basis. I was impressed with his straightforward and simple training methods that enable me to give my best to the exercise task in hand. I then extended this to a three month period with PT sessions on a twice per week basis. I have had positive results and feel much better so I continued the partnership throughout the summer with no intention of slowing down. Stephen carefully manages our sessions so I’m always confident in his direction and purpose and it becomes second nature to move onto different modes and regimes. Stephen is always available and flexible with session timings which is a real benefit and value with my busy lifestyle.”

– Bryan

nicola testimonial

nicola kettlebell

I have been a member of Abbey Mill Fitness Club now for 5 months and it has been great! I’ve always had other gym memberships but with not knowing what to do with the machines, weights or my diet I didn’t see any results so was not motivated at all. I am so thankful I started doing the Unlimited Personal Training with Stephen, I have noticed a massive improvement in both my fitness and my body. After months of telling Stephen I couldn’t run I finally gave in and started going out with the Abbey Mill Running Club, I’ve met loads of amazing people and ran a 10K for the first time ever and done it in under an hour!

Stephen is a brilliant PT, he is really patient but slowly pushes me every day so I am always improving. I would definitely recommend Stephen to everyone, he is flexible, friendly and very good at his job! I never thought that I would actually enjoy going to the gym, thank you Stephen

jane before and after

jane before and after

After trying and failing several times to try and lose some of the 3 stone that I gained in under a year, I joined Abbey Mill Fitness Club just 5 months ago and took up the Unlimited Personal Training Program with Stephen. What a difference this has made to me. Stephen pushes my own boundaries all the time and what I love is that he makes me compete with myself by keeping track of all my stats and gives me targets to head for. (I love a bit of number crunching!)

The variety of one to one and group PT sessions really mixes things up so workouts are certainly never boring and you get to meet other people striving for the same goals as you (and breathing just as heavy as you)  – I work shifts and also have a long commute, but the flexibility of the PT sessions always accommodates my needs which is great.

During a tough year I had lost my mojo for running and tried several times and failed to get it back, but I joined the runners in the Run Club and thanks to them and the training with Stephen, my mojo has gladly returned and I am now training for Stirling Marathon in May.

I cannot express how friendly and encouraging the run club members are and coming from someone who described herself as a “lone runner/trainer” I now love to run with other people and look forward to the run sessions whenever I can make them.

I have been a member of a few gyms and had PT sessions from various PT’s and although all were good, I have to say that this gym with it’s combined PT from Stephen, Run Club, general gym and most important of all the people that attend is the best I’ve been to.

In the 5 months I have been there I have dropped 2 stone, 3 dress sizes and lots of inches all over. My fitness is vastly improved and I’m continuing to push myself and exceed my own targets. This wouldn’t have been done without the help of Stephen’s encouragement and the goals he sets for me.

If anyone is looking to improve their fitness, their health and feel better within themselves then this is definitely the place to be.

The results speak for themselves.