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Don’t want to be fat, unfit and fifty!!!

Years of trying to overcome the fear of exercise, the mental pressure I put on myself – I can’t …….., I won’t manage to ……….., I don’t like ……………

Well, with a push from my daughter who joined Abbey Mill Fitness Club and Personal Training Studio over 4 months ago and seeing the difference in her made me take the first step.

Day 1 – complained all the way to the gym. I was so negative. Legs were shaking on the way into the gym. 5 minute warm up was tough, I had to keep stopping. Stephen was understanding and very encouraging. I took things at my own pace because I knew if I pushed myself too hard I would end up hating it. Guess what? I left my first session still with shaking legs but for a different reason and with a huge smile on my face.

I now attend 3 times a week on the Unlimited Personal Training Plan and with Stephen’s support I am beginning to see improvements. Small positive changes.

The gym has an inviting atmosphere and is not as intimidating as I originally thought. The gym members who attend are friendly and supportive. Stephen is flexible with bookings and actively monitors my progress while increasing my workouts with me hardly noticing.

Looking back over the past 8 weeks I have achieved a lot more than I ever thought possible. My thought process has changed to I can …….., I will ……….. and with patience, hard work and support I will be fit and fifty.

I fully recommend Abbey Mill Unlimited Personal Training to any gym virgin.

Well done Stephen.

– Elaine