run with cheryl
Hi guys!! I’m Cheryl and this is just a wee short story about me!! I’m a full time florist at Almond Blossom in Barrhead (Which I love)!! I’m a full time mum to Robbie!! Just over three years ago I wasn’t happy with myself, how unfit I was and how I looked. I decided to start pt at Abbey Mill in Paisley!! Then finally I joined the run club! And that’s how we got to this! I found my passion and I loved it! At the start it was hard!! I would be out running thinking that’s it I’m not doing this again in the rain I hate it!!! But see once I had finished and I had done it, the feeling was amazing, it gives you such a buzz!! So that’s why I have decided to start my own run club!! I went on the jog leaders course and i’ve ran several 10Ks, half and full Marathons, so don’t worry, I know what I’m doing!! I want everyone and anyone who thinks they can’t run! Trust me please just give it a go!! You might not like it the first time but it takes time! You build it up! You will amaze yourself!! I will be by your side every step of the way for support and just remember I know exactly how it feels because I was once in your shoes!! The benefits of running are amazing, your shape will change, you will be fitter and you make amazing new friends not to mention the confidence it will give !! So all I ask is please come and give it a go !!! Cheryl x
All runs start from Cowan Park, off Aurs Road, just before Barrhead High School when coming from the round-a-bout at St. John’s Church, on the left hand side
Wednesday & Thursday 6pm, Sunday 11am
Unlimited Runs – £30 p/m, no contract, DD only, includes all runs from Cowan Park, Barrhead and 3 runs from Abbey Mill Fitness Club, Paisley – Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm, Sunday 9:30am, also includes full gym membership. You can now join online by clicking on relevant link below.
Join Online, please note that a pro-rata payment will be payable at first run, we will message you with the amount.
for an alternative payment date, please contact us by email or ask for a DD mandate form at your next/first run
Pay-as-you-go – £5 per run.
Unlimited Personal Training Membership – £99 p/m, no contract, DD only, same as Unlimited Runs plus access to PT 7 days per week, visit join online to access UPT membership.