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Hi guys!! I’m Cheryl and this is just a wee short story about me!! I’m a full time florist at Almond Blossom in Barrhead (which I love)!! I’m a full time mum to Robbie!! Just over three years ago I wasn’t happy with myself, how unfit I was and how I looked. I decided to start PT at Abbey Mill in Paisley!! Then finally I joined the run club! And that’s how we got to this! I found my passion and I loved it! At the start it was hard!! I would be out running thinking that’s it I’m not doing this again in the rain I hate it!!! But see once I had finished and I had done it, the feeling was amazing, it gives you such a buzz!! So that’s why I have decided to start my own run club!! I went on the jog leaders course and i’ve ran several 10Ks, half and full Marathons, so don’t worry, I know what I’m doing!! I want everyone and anyone who thinks they can’t run! Trust me please just give it a go!! You might not like it the first time but it takes time! You build it up! You will amaze yourself!! I will be by your side every step of the way for support and just remember I know exactly how it feels because I was once in your shoes!! The benefits of running are amazing, your shape will change, you will be fitter and you make amazing new friends not to mention the confidence it will give !! So all I ask is please come and give it a go !!! Cheryl x

All runs start from Cowan Park, off Aurs Road, just before Barrhead High School when coming from the round-a-bout at St. John’s Church, on the left hand side

Wednesday & Thursday 6pm, Sunday 11am


I started with Cheryl in November and it’s been great. I used to run a lot by myself but lost my confidence so decided to give the group a try. I haven’t looked back since and I’m running 3 to 4 times a week. The support and motivation you get from Cheryl is amazing. Running in a group is great, everyone is so supportive and so friendly and I’ve made some lovely friends. Today I done my first 10k in a long time and was so chuffed with myself but couldn’t have done it without the support from Cheryl, she is amazing and so much fun – Valery

Thank you Cheryl and Stephen for all your support – it’s been amazing. I struggle keeping my weight under control , but since joining Run With Cheryl at the beginning of November I have lost weight without “being on a diet ” which has been fabulous.When I started running I was honestly stopping at every lamppost but with Cheryl’s encouragement I have kept going and can now run 5km, I am not the fastest but it’s a big achievement for me. I would encourage anyone thinking about getting a bit fitter for summer to give Cheryl’s club a go, you will be made feel very welcome , the girls that run are all lovely, and I can guarantee you will feel so much better about yourself, thanks Cheryl you’re a star ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Anne

I started running with Cheryl at the beginning of November 2018 and it was a definite struggle but with Cheryl’s motivation and encouragement I have the running bug. I feel fitter, healthier and have lost weight and inches. Everyone at run club is lovely and friendly and i would thoroughly recommend joining to anyone thinking about it. Cheryl even has me considering a 1/2 marathon which a few months ago was unthinkable. I can’t thank you enough Cheryl – Kate x

Started running with Cheryl at Abbey Mill Run Club a few months ago. She’s such a bubbly, motivated person. Very encouraging of other people – which is what you need when you start a new activity and club! Her own transformation speaks for itself! And if you think “I can’t run” – you can! … especially with Cheryl’s support! I now enjoy running/jogging, when I couldn’t get from one lamppost to the next at the start, now I’m doing 10ks!Give it a go! 👍🏻😁 – Caroline

I’ve only been running in Cheryl’s group for around 6 weeks but in that time I’ve gone from dreading going out for a run to really enjoying it and feeling a real sense of achievement when I improve my time on each run. My fitness has quickly improved and I’ve also lost weight. I’ve definitely caught the running bug! This is all thanks to Cheryl – she is so bubbly, encouraging and full of good tips that have kept me going when I easily would have stopped if I had been running on my own. I’m now aiming for a 10k and possibly half marathon this year. If you need an extra push to either start running from scratch or improve your running I would thoroughly recommend Cheryl’s group – Kirsty

Cheryl is an amazing running coach and an amazing person. Her natural encouraging personality and her personal experience makes her the perfect running coach and her enthusiasm for other peoples achievement’s is very admirable. I can certainly recommend Cheryl to anyone interested in running especially if you are starting out and feel nervous about it (as we all did) as Cheryl will put you right at ease

Cheryl is so bubbly and encouraging. She will definitely get you to your goal. Would highly recommend joining Cheryl’s run club – Elaine

We run with Cheryl at the Abbey Mill run club, she’s brilliant and very enthusiastic she has definitely kept us motivated for the past year and a half!She is a brilliant coach and has a wealth of experience so I have no hesitation in recommending Cheryl – Maria

Cheryl is an amazing person when I started runing she was encouraging and supportive in every way .Always made me feel that I could do it even when I was ready to quit . You will love running with Cheryl 😁😁 – Heather

Cheryl is such a positive and helpful person who fully understands people’s struggles with weight loss and getting fitter etc she will help and guide u every step of the way – Michael

Just over two years ago I met Cheryl at run club and from that day we have became the best of friends. On difficult runs when I just wanted to give up Cheryl was always by my side encouraging me to keep going. So wether you are just trying running for the first time or you just want to get back to into running, give Cheryl’s run club a try and I promise she will be with you every step of the way – Louise C

I started Cheryl’s running club at the start of November 2019 and haven’t looked back. I was quite unfit and had gained some weight over the years, and wasn’t happy with the way i looked or felt. I had never run before i joined so wasn’t sure if i would be able to keep up, but Cheryl’s positive, friendly and encouraging attitude helped me through. We run 2/3 times a week and with my improved fitness levels I felt ready to join Cheryl’s HIIT group personal training which has pushed me even further, and I intend to keep it going. – Roseanne

Unlimited Runs – £30 p/m, no contract, DD only, includes all runs from Cowan Park, Barrhead and 3 runs from Abbey Mill Fitness Club, Paisley – Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm, Sunday 9:30am, also includes full gym membership.

Pay-as-you-go – £5 per run.

H.I.T. with Cheryl – After the success of my running club I decided to get qualified as a Personal Trainer and have now started H.I.T. sessions (High Intensity Training) at Abbey Mill. H.I.T. sessions are short but intense workouts which have been proven to be more beneficial than typical 45­-60 minute sessions as they help maintain muscle mass and burn lots of calories during and after the session as your metabolism is high. Cheryl is now offering a membership, £59 per month, no contract for 3 sessions per week. If you can’t make or miss a session, you can reschedule with club owner Stephen. Membership also includes nutritional support, full gym and running club access.

Monday & Thursday 6:45pm, Saturday 11:30am


I started HIIT classes with Cheryl 3 months ago & it’s been the best thing I’ve done. Cheryl has the patience of a saint & is always so positive & motivational. She’s even managed to get me running which is something I’ve never enjoyed before. I can’t recommend this amazing lady more – Fiona

Since joining Cheryl’s HIIT class at Abbey Mill , I have thoroughly enjoyed having Cheryl as a PT and working out with friendly people who motivate each other. Having been part of the run club there for a while now I felt it was important to try focus on my strength to try improve my running and overall fitness. Cheryl has really helped me do this with her positivity and encouragement. Also the circuits work all different areas and quick so you feel like you’ve achieved so much in a short space of time. Really happy with the workouts and motivated to keep going. – Louise R

I am nearly finished my 6 week block and I have loved every minute of it. Every session is different and targets various parts of our body. Cheryl and the staff at Abbey Mill are so friendly and made me feel at ease from the beginning. In a short space of time my fitness has improved as well as losing weight and inches. I have signed up for the next block and can’t wait to see the results. Thanks Cheryl – Lainey

I have been going to the HIIT classes with Cheryl now for 3 months and I cannot recommend her and Stephen enough. I was very nervous and apprehensive due to being away from exercise since having my youngest baby but they have made it so easy and fun to work out and my fitness levels have increased greatly! The gym itself has a fab atmosphere and really welcoming. Next step for me now is to get out running with Cheryl which I’m really looking forward to – Claire

Now Available… Workout with Cheryl Online…. 

  • 6 week personalised training plan
  • Simple, easy to follow exercises
  • Videos for every exercise
  • Short workouts for both gym and home
  • Nutritional advice
  • Email support
  • Private Facebook group
  • Option for continued support
  • One off price of £49