tricia and norman myzone
Thanks to Stephen and MYZONE, Norman and I have really changed the way we look at fitness and exercise.

Four months ago we could never have even pictured us working out let alone pushing ourselves the way Myzone has allowed us to.

We were both overweight, very unfit and lazy where exercise was concerned, added to that Norman had suffered a broken back 10 years ago and has plates in it, so we really thought that us both exercising together was not an option but we were in a rut and knew we had to do something.

I had seen Stephen’s advert for his Unlimited Personal Training membership at AbbeyMill Fitness Club and we both decided to go and discuss our options with him. He immediately put us at ease and started us on an exercise programme suited to our needs.

He explained the benefits of MYZONE to us, stating that we could push ourselves as much or as little as we could with what Norman’s back would allow. He was so right.

Stephen and MYZONE have allowed us to be completely in control of our workouts, gradually increasing our capabilities and letting Norman slowly and surely build up his muscle wastage, monitoring it every step of the way, so much so that you would never know he had ever broken his back.

The MYZONE tile tells you how much you have burned off calorie wise and effort wise allowing you to work out what you need to burn if weight loss is your goal. We have both lost a significant amount of weight and our fitness level is very satisfactory.

MYZONE also allows you to have friendly competition with fellow club members or international challenges, that really is a booster and a lot of fun.

We find that MYZONE encourages us and pushes our limits to where we never would have considered going. It really is a life changer and highly recommended.