Hi, I’m Cheryl and this is just a wee short story about me!! I’m a full time florist and a mother of one. Just over four years ago I was very heavy and unhappy with myself physically and mentally. I hired a Personal Trainer who helped me get into shape. During my weight loss journey I discovered my love for running, this played a big part in my weight loss and after a couple of years I became a qualified running coach. I realised how much I enjoyed helping others to run and last November (2018) I started my own running club. The members at the club were always asking how I got into shape despite once being so heavy and asking what they should do at the gym to compliment their running. I began to realise that my weight loss journey was down to more than just running and I felt the need to share everything with my running clients so I decided to become a qualified Personal Trainer. In January (2019) I started two HIT classes per week at the gym, some of the girls were runners, some weren’t. All the girls got great results. I just loved it, sharing my story and helping others get the results I got, it is so rewarding.


I will be by your side every step of the way for support and just remember I know exactly how it feels because I was once in your shoes!!