I needed to lose the 5 stone I’d gained over the last 8 yrs but as I get older (too close to 50) I realise it’s not important getting back to size 10 but being healthy, fitter and stronger so that was my aim. The yearly yo-yo cycle and excuses (my excuses were good honest!) had to stop and even though I was so busy – like we all are – it was priority to make 1hr in the day for myself.
I would highly recommend UPT with Stephen. Timing is flexible, sessions are varied, can be 1-1 or 4 or 5 others. It’s good to mix it up and train with other members who have now become friends. The introduction of Myzone has taken it up a level, absolutely loving the competition and the banter that comes with it. If I’d taken Stephen’s diet advice I’d be at my target already but I’m still slightly addicted to carbs 😆 so just over 4 stone gone.
Stephen kept asking me to try Run Club. “No” I said “I can’t run”. 6 months later I ran Edinburgh half marathon and looking forward to Glasgow half. I could never in a million years have done it without the support and encouragement of Michael and the folks in run club. This is a brilliant wee group of people. It helps so much when you actually want to keep going to blether and catch up … took me a while to run and talk though 😂 I’m actually so proud of myself now I can say I’m a runner, words I never thought I’d say. Not many 17yr olds can say they go out running with their mothers but my daughter can and I’m so chuffed about that 💪🏻👏🏻
By far the best decision I’ve made in a long time was joining Abbey Mill and Unlimited Personal Training. My only regret was not joining sooner!


“Super chuffed with this….
Gained a lot of weight during a shit 2016 and struggled to get it back off until I joined this program with Stevie at Abbey Mill. He’s kept me going and keeps setting new targets and pushing me. Now almost 2 stone down. Also got back into my running both with his training and joining the running club here. Great bunch of people to run, train, chat & be friends with. Anyone looking for new year fitness plans in paisley area – this is the place to be!!”



“I have been a member of Abbey Mill Fitness Club since the summer. I could not have joined a better gym, Stephen is very encouraging no matter what level of fitness you’re at. The other gym members are very friendly, its a great atmosphere . I even started running, they are a great bunch of guys, very supportive, never let you feel like you’re holding them back, shocked myself how much I enjoyed it. I tell everyone about Stephen and his gym, best thing I ever did joining Abbey Mill Fitness Club.”


“I started the Unlimited Personal Training Programme with Stephen at the beginning of June and already can see and feel my body and fitness levels changing for the better. I feel 100% more confident in my body, making the thought of going on holiday at the end of the month and living in my bikini a little less daunting! Before UPT the biggest struggle, for me, was getting myself into a fitness routine and actually sticking to it! I would go to the gym everyday for a week and then take a couple of months off (to recover) The Unlimited Personal Training programme is therefore ideal for me as I have Stephen there to continually encourage and push me and keep me constantly booked in for future sessions. In addition, as a student working part-time as a waitress, my shifts can vary each week and therefore the flexibility of the programme is perfect for me- some days I will book in for early mornings and others later in the day- nothing is ever a hassle for Stephen! Looking back to two months ago I can’t believe the change that joining the gym has had on my life style. Not only have my fitness levels increased, I am now more motivated, determined and dedicated than ever. I love the fact that I’m able to continually progress each day and look forward to seeing where I’ll be in another two months. I would definitely recommend Stephen to anyone!!”


“Being someone who had weight issues for the best part of my life, gym membership has always been in my books, sometimes I would join a gym, pay for months on end and not attend, mainly because most gyms are just like big spaces with very little if any kind of assistance. I got to a point that I felt I needed professional help, I was shopping around and there was Abbey Mill Fitness Club all this time right under my nose. From the moment I walked in up to date my life has been transformed wholly. First day I was welcomed by this chatty and ever happy face called Michael, I explained what I wanted, the following day I got an email followed with a call from Stevie, this calm and collected yet very sarcastic guy haha. First time I asked for a diet plan he said I should always ask myself if whatever diet I choose, is it sustainable enough, this makes a lot of sense now. With Stevie my journey began. The first time I went out running with the run club, so slow, struggling, all sweaty and panting, I was amazed to see that the club members slowed down to my pace and took me every step from then up to now. At Abbey Mill I have found a fitness family where I feel I belong, the smiles and the sweaty hugs we exchange after runs make it a home for everyone of us. Four months down the line doing PT with Stevie have been blissful, I can now confidently say I love working out, I love the gym, nothing feels better. The struggle continues but for a life time this time.”


“I have been on Abbey Mill’s Unlimited Personal Training membership now for 5 months and it has been great! I’ve always had other gym memberships but with not knowing what to do with the machines, weights or my diet I didn’t see any results so was not motivated at all. I am so thankful I started doing the unlimited PT with Stephen, I have noticed a massive improvement in both my fitness and my body. After months of telling Stephen I couldn’t run I finally gave in and started going out with the Abbey Mill Running Club, I’ve met loads of amazing people and ran a 10K for the first time ever and done it in under an hour!

Stephen is a brilliant PT, he is really patient but slowly pushes me every day so I am always improving. I would definitely recommend Stephen to everyone, he is flexible, friendly and very good at his job! I never thought that I would actually enjoy going to the gym, thank you Stephen”


“I started PT with Stephen in July 2017 and I’m really pleased with the progress I have made so far. My main goals were to get fitter, lose a little weight, tone up and be able to do push ups / chin ups and through my hard work and Stephens encouragement I’ve managed to achieve all of my goals … although we could say the chin ups are still a work in progress

My only regret so far is that I didn’t listen to his diet advice when I joined. With more protein and less takeaways I would have achieved my goals a lot sooner

I would highly recommend UPT to anyone who needs some motivation and support or even little push to achieve their goals. The workouts are tailored depending on your fitness level so no need to worry! Stephen is also very flexible with days/times and everyone who attends the gym is extremely friendly and will make you feel welcome.

As they say … “A year from now you will wish you started today” ”

“Super pleased with my progress over the past few months at Abbey Milll Fitness Club! My main goal was to tone up, develop a bum and become generally fitter and healthier without having to give up my Chinese Fridays

The Personal Training Stephen provides is motivational, hard work and such good value for money.

The members that attend the gym are so friendly and can be a good laugh (usually at my moaning)”


“Don’t want to be fat, unfit and fifty!!! Years of trying to overcome the fear of exercise, the mental pressure I put on myself – I can’t …….., I won’t manage to ……….., I don’t like …………… Well, with a push from my daughter who joined Abbey Mill fitness club and personal training studio over 4 months ago and seeing the difference in her made me take the first step. Day 1 – complained all the way to the gym. I was so negative. Legs were shaking on the way into the gym. 5 minute warm up was tough, I had to keep stopping. Stephen was understanding and very encouraging. I took things at my own pace because I knew if I pushed myself too hard I would end up hating it. Guess what? I left my first session still with shaking legs but for a different reason and with a huge smile on my face. I now attend 3 times a week on the Unlimited Personal Training Plan and with Stephen’s support I am beginning to see improvements. Small positive changes. The gym has a inviting atmosphere and is not as intimidating as I originally thought. The gym members who attend are friendly and supportive. Stephen is flexible with bookings and actively monitors my progress while increasing my workout with me hardly noticing. Looking back over the past 8 weeks I have achieved a lot more than I ever thought possible. My thought process has changed to I can …….., I will ……….. and will patience, hard work and support I will be fit and fifty. I fully recommend Abbey Mill Unlimited Personal Training to any gym virgin. Well done Stephen.”


“I knew I wanted to commit to get fit but I also know I have little motivation to drive myself to get results alone. I thought I would try Personal Training with Stephen on an initial week by week basis. I was impressed with his straight forward and simple training methods that enabled me to give my best to the exercise task at hand. I then extended this to a three month period with PT sessions on a twice a week basis. I had such positive results and felt so much better that I continued this partnership throughout the summer with no intention of slowing down. Stephen carefully manages our sessions so I’m always confident in his direction and purpose and it becomes second nature to move onto different modes and regimes. Stephen is always available and flexible with session timings which is a real benefit and value with busy lifestyles.”